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Good Housekeeping

#13 Bestselling Magazine In Italy
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Devoted to contemporary women. Monthly articles focus on food, fitness, beauty, and child care using the resources of the Good Housekeeping institute. From human interest stories and social issues to money management and travel, the magazine will encourage positive living for today's woman.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    A definate MUST HAVE in my home

    Good Housekeeping~
    No, not a rating on my chores:) A wonderful Magazine that brings me comfort in ways that are hard to explain. My Mom used to read Good Housekeeping. She would get this magazine and read it cover to cover. I remember I used to "steal" it away from her and take a peak. She would then save the magazines and have a stack of them that she would go back to again and again. Well, I got married and moved away. I became a Mom and we would talk weekly. She was so full of advise and encouragement. Something all "new" moms and newlyweds seek. And then she passed away when my oldest son was a year old. I felt all...

    • Rating
    Magazine with the Most!!

    I start to thumb through my Good Housekeeping magazine as soon as I get it out of the mailbox. Each issue is packed with articles that relate to my everyday life in one way or another. The cover doesn't even come close to revealing all the useful information that GH contains.
    Good Housekeeping covers the issues of family, health, and money providing answers to some of our toughest questions. You can find the answer to handling those temper tantrums, how to choose a doctor, and what you should or shouldn't invest your money in. These are important issues to all of us, and sometimes we need quidance to lead us in the right direction. GH gives that...

    • Rating
    Good Housekeeping an old favorite

    Good Housekeeping has been around a long time. My mother and mother-in-law enjoyed reading it. Then I got hooked. We all had our different favorites.
    My mom wasn't interested in cooking much but she loved the craft articles. There used to be a lot more. My mother-in-law was a marvelous cook and often used the recipes in the GH. She also enjoyed the housekeeping tips.

    I loved the Christmas gift suggestions and craft ideas. I used to send away for the patterns. I also enjoy the novel excerpts and actually picked up a couple of books after reading the excerpt in GH. There was another helpful section which was done on pulp paper and inserted into...

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